About Our Founder

My name is Ben and I’m the owner, operator, cook, janitor, and dude in charge here at the Brungardt Center.  My goal is to help people by bringing my knowledge and previous mis-steps to the forefront and help others succeed.  My passion is helping others.  I want to help you by giving you products and/or services that will most likely help you become successful at your new business/organization.  I have been involved in many areas of business and organizations; small business, mid-size business, fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and even city government.  During my time at all of these organizations I have made some great successes and some mistakes that I have learned from.

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m no EXPERT and frankly I hate that term because I feel we all need to be open enough to be continually learning new things and methods of operating.  Some people are super resistant to change and new technologies, but my philosophy is to take a learning approach to everything.  When a person is open minded and wants to learn new and different things, they absorb information like a sponge and tend to retain most of that information.  But the real key is using the information you have gained against your discernment about the person and situation.  Not every business or person starting it, has the exact same need.  Sure I have taken website orders from a variety of different people but each one of those websites were vastly different and performed different tasks.

Small Business

To me a business is bringing action to your thoughts and/or dreams.  A business always starts small and has the opportunity to grow into a medium, large, or extremely large business.  My dream is to help those who are just starting or still in the small business phase of their organization.  Small businesses are GREAT because decisions are made quickly and with only a few people involved.

As a small business owner or startup you are needing to get the word out about who you are and what you do, even if it has NOTHING to do with the internet.  The best way to inform potential customers and even perhaps obtain new customers is by creating a website.  Websites are fairly cheap to operate and maintain and gives your customers the information they are wanting and looking for.

Just as Francis Bacon (1597) said, “Knowledge is power.”  For example, think about the very last purchase you made before reading this website (was it food, coffee, a movie, a shirt, etc.).  Now imagine you had no idea how to use it, what the benefits of it are, where to purchase it, the color and/or taste of it – my guess is that without some basic knowledge you would have never purchased it.  With that said, think of your potential customers.  They need basic information (but more information is ALWAYS better) to make an informed purchase.

Honesty & Truth

The one thing that many people want is for someone who is helping them to not to be afraid to say no (or at least in a nicer way).  The Brungardt Center is about fairness and honesty.  As a business owner myself, I greatly appreciate sales people, associates, or customer service people who are honest with me, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  I promise to always be upfront and honest along with explanatory of my recommendations.

One thing I heard many times in business school was, ‘don’t just make a good customer make a good relationship’.  At first that always put me off, because when I go into a store or shop online I’m not wanting to make a new friend – I just want what I need.  However, I understand the jist of what was being conveyed.

I believe that fairness is something that is seriously lacking in the business world today.  Sure we all want more money, better jobs, and a comfortable living, but does that mean we need to hoard resources, money, etc. – I think not.  One of my goals is to provide each of my customers with upfront pricing (that means no surprise bills or invoices).


We have partnered with West Coast Management to provide our customers with a variety of services and products.