Welcome to the Brungardt Center

We at the Brungardt Center take your dreams and/or ideas and change them into something tangible.  You might not even be an “official” organization or company but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start sharing and getting people involved.  Whether you are selling a product, service or just getting people to become aware of an issue or new way of thinking, we can help you take this first, and many times, scary step of establishing your organization.  Even if your organization has absolutely nothing to do with the internet – it is still vital that you create and maintain a website to allow others to know who you are and what you do.

We have helped many organizations (non-profits, small businesses, and medium size franchises) help bring a new and different web presence to their organization.  A website is one of many tools that they and you can use to enhance communication.  And since communication is a key part of ALL organizations, then you NEED to have a fully functioning website and accurately displays who you are, what you do, and why.


We offer website creation and maintenance for a very reasonable and affordable price.  We mainly serve people or groups that are just starting their organization or business.  We also consult with current companies and organizations on how they can make their website presence better and more effective.

Website Packages


We also offer small business (and small corporation) bookkeeping services, in association with West Coast Management.  We provide you with a variety of features of analysis, trends, economic health & future growth, along with many other unique and helpful features.

Bookkeeping Services


We also create forms (printed & online formats) to bring your business or organization to the next level.  Sure you can type some words and throw it on a piece of paper but can your audience read it, understand it, or even write on it??  A form might seem insignificant but it is VERY significant.

Form Packages